10 Blu-ray Titles That Show Off Classic Movie Formats

Blu-ray's high-definition resolution isn't just suitable for new Hollywood blockbusters--it can also showcase revitalized cinematic classics.

By Lincoln Spector, PC World |  Personal Tech, Blu-ray, entertainment

Cinema Showcase

Ready to enjoy a classic? Each of these ten titles demonstrates how Blu-ray's high-definition image and sound can re-create a bygone cinematic experience, from epics designed for 80-foot-wide curved screens to a comedy originally accompanied by live music. This list is in reverse chronological order of when the films were released. Half of them come from the 20-year period starting in the early 1950s--when Hollywood saw television as a threat instead of a market, and the industry created new film formats that TV couldn't match. Today, with Blu-ray, your TV can at least come close.

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