Nerdlympics, Summer 2008

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Video gaming

Finally, let's talk socializing. Yes, being a geek doesn't just mean putting in on-the-job nerdery; you've got to learn to kick back and relax with your fellow geeks as well. And what better way than by playing video games?

But even if you're a geek, try to have some panache. Playing World of Warcraft in your parents' basement while wearing unwashed pajamas? Lame. Playing a group game of Counterstrike against your work buddies in your office cubicles after hours? Fun, if perhaps a bit cliché. Playing classic 8-bit Super Mario Brothers, head-to-head against an opponent, on wall-sized TVs, in front of a roomful of cheering fans, while dressed as Mario and/or Luigi? Now that's pure genius. Remember, you can be a geek and a champion -- and pretty stylish to boot.

What nerdlympics-worthy tech competitions did I miss? Add your favorites in the comments section below.

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