Windows 10: The 5 features you'll want to try first

Dive straight into Windows 10's best features, from customizing the Start menu to chatting with Cortana. We'll show you how.


Selfie time! What to look for in a front-facing Android phone camera

Reward your narcissism by bringing home the best phone for snapping selfies.


Devops for developers

More agile than Agile, devops requires that you learn new tools and embrace deep cultural changes to the way that you think and work.


Apple Pay, activity tracking, and telling time: Using Apple Watch without an iPhone

The Apple Watch pairs with your iPhone over Bluetooth, but when you're out of range, it can still do a few things all on its own.


What Siri can and can't do on the Apple Watch

Since the Apple Watch doesn't have a keyboard, you can use Siri to dictate text messages and perform other tasks. Just be sure to keep your iPhone handy.

Install Evolution 3.13.2 in Ubuntu 14.04

Install GNOME's Evolution mail and calendar application in Ubuntu 14.04.

Enable telnet in Windows 8

Here's how you can turn on telnet in Windows 8.

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