iphone 6s

14 hidden tips & tricks to make the most of your new iPhone 6s

The new iPhones have been out for over a month, so it's time to reveal all our favorite tips and tricks we've unlocked.

no flash

How to uninstall Flash Player from your Mac

It seems we hear about new Flash exploits every week. To really stay protected, consider ditching Flash altogether.

Where to start with containers and microservices

Containers and microservices are groundbreaking technologies, but adoption is still a struggle in some shops. Lessons from Java and virtualization could help light the way.


iOS 9: How to get transit directions in Maps

Apple finally brings public transit directions to its Maps app in iOS 9. Here’s how you can incorporate bus, train, and subway directions when planning your trip.


Getting started with iPad multitasking in iOS 9

Open two apps simultaneously? iOS 9 is turning the iPad into a powerful multitasking machine.

storage container

6 next-gen monitoring tools tackle Docker

Docker doesn't have to be a black box; peel back the lid with these tools and services designed to harvest statistics from containers.


Power-user tips for the Chrome Android browser

Computerworld's JR Raphael demonstrates five time-saving tips for Google's Chrome browser on an Android device.

dev challenges

Big data, big challenges: Hadoop in the enterprise

Fresh from the front lines: Common problems encountered when putting Hadoop to work -- and the best tools to make Hadoop less burdensome.

Know your real-time protocols for IoT apps

The XMPP, CoAP, and MQTT protocols have distinct pros and cons; here’s a quick rundown of the trade-offs.


Best Dorm Room Gadgets

Your dorm room will never be a luxury apartment, but a few crucial gadgets can make it a multi-functional space for studying, sleeping, and hanging out.


Back to school Mac buyer's guide

Can't decide on what Mac to buy for school? You've come to the right place. We've got the lowdown on which Mac you should buy.


How to Buy a Back to School Laptop

Give us four minutes and we'll make you an expert on buying a back to school laptop

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