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There's something to interest almost everyone at the Mobile
World Congress
in Barcelona this week:

For the lost

GPS is built in to an increasing number of mobile phones. Nokia
is still the most aggressive vendor. This year it plans to sell 35 million phones
with GPS. The Finnish phone giant is not alone: its competitors are also embracing
navigation, so don't be surprised if in a few years GPS is as common in phones
as cameras are today.

Trendsetters: HTC
and Samsung

For shutterbugs

Phone makers also continue to develop cameras. Among the features that popped
up during this year's show are face-detection, image stabilization and the ability
to take better pictures in the dark. Phone cameras with a 5-megapixel resolution
are also becoming more common, although you still only get a digital zoom.

Trendsetters: Sony
Ericsson C902
and Samsung

For Linus

Apple isn't the only company
redrawing the mobile phone map. Linux is nothing new in mobile phones, but the
launch of Google's Android
has given it a lot of extra attention. On the show floor several chip manufacturers
showed prototypes. The first real phones should be ready before the end of the
year. One benefit with Android is the reduction in the time it takes to develop
a new phone, according to Texas

Trendsetters: ARM and Texas

For cineasts

If the mobile phone makers are to be believed, we should also use our next phone
to watch movies. Two things that get us there: bigger screens in a widescreen
format and larger storage capacity.

Trendsetters: Nokia
and Sony
Ericsson Xperia X1

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