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Taylor: That's a tough one, particularly since they now have with different operating environments the ability to popup dialogue windows and other graphical user interface elements from within a shell script. So I would say that for fairly lightweight tasks, there's very little you can't do with a shell script. I could, for example, do a flat file database all as shell scripts. Because when you think about it, a shell script is really just a way for you to put together all the power of the thousands of different Unix commands in a coherent fashion. Anything you can do on the command line, you can do in a shell script in an automated fashion. When you're ready to crack open the hood and soup up your engine a little bit, then there's a tremendous amount of power underneath there.

Gaskin: Well, that's wonderful. And the book again is Wicked Cool Shell Scripts, written by Dave Taylor, one of his 16 books. Thanks for your help Dave.

This has been Dave Taylor speaking about his book, Wicked Cool Shell Scripts from No Starch Press. This is ITworld Voices. I'm James Gaskin and thanks for listening.

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