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  • My company supports BYOD, and while you have to pay for your own device, the company pays for the data/call charges. I was talking to someone about BYOD from another company, and according to him, I was fortunate, since most companies don’t pay for anything. Is that right? Does anyone know what is the most common practice?

    1 year 5 weeks ago

  • We hear a lot about Android fragmentation and the poor history most carriers have with respect to updates for Android. Obviously it takes a little time for a new version to achieve significant market penetration, so I wouldn’t expect Android 4.2 to be the dominant version of the operating system yet, but what is in widest use now?

    1 year 11 weeks ago

  • New “Google Play Edition” versions of the HTC One and Galaxy S4 are available direct from Google. It sounds like these are the same thing as the annual (?) Nexus devices - latest version of Android, no skins, etc. Is Google changing the Nexus name to Google Play Edition, or is there a difference?

    1 year 13 weeks ago

  • Lower is better, and yours is slightly on the high side for a broadband connection. Really, unless you start getting a ping of 150+, you are not going to see many ill effect, and even then the impact will probably be minimal, depending on what you are doing.

    1 year 14 weeks ago

  • I have an HP OfficeJet 6110 that tells me that I need to press enter to align the cartridges, but when I do so nothing happens. Any ideas what the problem could be or how to remedy it?

    1 year 14 weeks ago

  • Does anyone know the required bandwidth for video conferencing on Skype to be high quality. We had a video conference last week with about half a dozen participants, and the quality was pretty bad. Our connection is DSL with 6Mbps download speeds.

    1 year 15 weeks ago

  • I have only had two different Android phones over my smartphone “career”, one LG and one Motorola. I think that my daughter is old enough to have a smartphone, and I am going to go with a pre-paid plan to prevent her overuse of the phone (set amount of minutes and data per month without risk of overages).

    1 year 17 weeks ago

  • Does anyone know when "normal people" will be able to buy Google Glass? Despite the photo of the guy in the shower (nice pic, broheim), I would love to get a pair for myself when they are available to the general public.

    1 year 20 weeks ago

  • As I responded to an earlier poster this week, many of us (but by no means all) are in the US, so we don't necessarily know what the job market and educational system is in other countries. Here, a compliance analyst makes pretty decent money, I would guess $50,000-60,000 on average, not sure what it is like where you live.

    1 year 22 weeks ago

  • I am helping develop content for a new company website, and apparently Google is updating it's algorithms again, which could affect SEO. Any word on what changes this Penguin update will bring? I'd rather not have to make too many revisions and changes almost as soon as I finish the content.

    1 year 23 weeks ago

  • Hi, Pratham. Good luck in your career search. Many of the posters here are in the US, including myself, so we don't really know much about the educational system in India, or what the job market is like there. Maybe someone from Indian will chime in though.

    1 year 23 weeks ago

  • It looks like Austin is going to join Kansas City as a city with Google Fiber (really) high speed network. Good for them. Meanwhile, I live in a city with ~300,000 people in the metropolitan area, and even though I'm located about .25 miles from the center of town, my "high speed" option is to pay AT

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • When buying new PCs, is it worth the additional cost to buy machines with Thunderbolt ports in addition to USB 3.0? How widespread is Thunderbolt adoption?

    1 year 27 weeks ago

  • I'm not certain that I fully understand your question, but I'll give it a shot. Marketing is obviously important. Let's say that you have the greatest idea in the world.

    1 year 27 weeks ago

  • So Andy Rubin is out as head of Android and Sundar Pichai, who was in charge of Chrome OS, is in. Does this suggest a tighter integration of Chrome OS and Android is in the works, or is it "just" a management shuffle?

    1 year 28 weeks ago

  • Just out of curiousity, what are you using that for? Isn't the KM266 an ancient chipset?

    1 year 30 weeks ago

  • I have good connection speeds, but poor latency (244 when I pinged it a few seconds ago). Is there anything I can do on my end to reduce latency, or is it completely in the hands of my ISP? Thanks.

    1 year 30 weeks ago

  • I have an older Windows 7 machine that I want to turn into a gaming PC, and since it is going to be a "play" device, I want to experiment with it. What's a good benchmarking tool so I can see objectively whether each thing I do is helping or harming my computer's performance? Free is better, but I guess I would pay a few bucks. Thanks!

    1 year 32 weeks ago

  • Is 7.8 a major upgrade over 7.5 for those who bought the Nokia Lumia 900, or is it just a spit and polish update? My girlfriend is pretty happy with the Lumia, but I wish it had Windows 8 (which I'm sure will not happen), and she is has been jonesing for better bluetooth capability than the Lumia 900 has now.

    1 year 35 weeks ago

  • Is there a source that keeps track of MS certification offerings? I've looked around MS's site, and I can seem to find a easy to access source for what's new/updated. I was looking for MCITP in Virtualization for Windows Server 2012, but apparently it isn't available yet. Where can I find new certification release dates?

    1 year 37 weeks ago

  • In the words of rackspace, it is " open and scalable operating system for building public and private clouds." We can thank NASA for helping developing OpenStack, so raise your glass of Tang for a toast. The rackspace website has an excellent summary of OpenStack.

    1 year 38 weeks ago

  • I hear you on the spam thing.  WordPress attracts it like crazy. Other than that, it is pretty good. Anyway, the first alternative that comes to mind is Blogger, and you can jump right in if you already have a gmail account. If you are looking to host it on your own server, the two choice that I would look at are Joombla! and Movable Type.

    1 year 39 weeks ago

  • I read an article in Forbes this morning about a guy who demonstrated an attack on Cisco VoIP phones, and he was able to access the mic data, and even have Google Speech to Text transcribe the data in near real time. Is this something to really be concerned about? How secure are VoIP telephone systems?

    1 year 42 weeks ago

  • Microsoft seems like they are trying to emulate Google+ with the launch of Socl. I have to wonder if there is room for yet another social network.

    1 year 42 weeks ago

  • After being hit with ads for Windows 8, Bing, and Surface every time I turn on the TV or go online recently, I started wondering - What was the worst Windows version that Microsoft ever released? To be fair, there have been a couple I really liked, including Window XP and Windows 7.

    1 year 43 weeks ago

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