ITworld Cram Session

Cram session: VDI

Free download: A get-up-to-speed guide on VDI

Learn how VDI can help your organization navigate shifts in business, and user needs

Cram session: Moving legacy apps to the cloud

Free download: A get-up-to-speed guide on moving legacy apps to the cloud

There are many benefits to migrating legacy apps to the cloud — and many paths to success. This guide explains how to make that transition.

ITworld Cram Session

Free download: A get-up-to-speed guide on beacons and other micro-location technologies

In this free PDF download, you’ll get a top level overview of beacon technology – what it is, and how beacons use Bluetooth low energy (BLE) wireless links to communicate with mobile devices. In the enterprise, there are several...

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Free Course: The Dark Side of Technology Careers

In partnership with tech training provider Pluralsight, we are offering a free online course to help you learn about the bad things that can happen in tech careers and how to avoid, overcome or survive them.

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Java 101: Deciding and iterating with Java statements

Learn how to use statements like if, if-else, switch, and while to specify expression, make decisions, and iterate in your Java programs.

Android tips for contacts and communication

8 Android security tips for IT, corporate users

Security experts shares actionable tips for IT departments and users to help reduce the risk associated with the popular mobile OS.

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