Read-only properties in JavaFX 8

Learn how to expose internal modifiable properties as external read-only properties in JavaFX 8


Your strategy for dealing with web bots has to take into account business context

Simply blocking all bot visits can end up hurting your business

Named Data Networking is on the horizon, and SDN will help make it a reality

NDN shifts the focus of networking from origins and destinations to the information itself

Debunking the most common big data backup and recovery myths

Platform-provided mechanisms such as replicas and snapshots are not sufficient to ensure proper data protection and to minimize downtime.

cloud computing

Why cloud architecture matters: The advantages of multi-instance vs. multi-tenant

Clouds that use a multi-instance architecture can better minimize the impact of an outage

happy happy tech

Why are SD-WANs taking off? Because they are secure, affordable and easy to use

The top five reasons you need to consider the tech

free bird escape birdcage

Minimize Windows 10 migration headaches by freeing data from devices

Three core reasons to make the switch before you make the migration

android beginners2

Android Studio for beginners, Part 2: Explore and code the app

Use Android Studio's project editor to write your first animated Android app

android beginners3

Android Studio for beginners, Part 3: Build and run the app

Build your app with Gradle, then run it on an Android device emulator or Kindle Fire tablet

android beginners1

Android Studio for beginners, Part 1: Installation and setup

If you're new to Android Studio, start here. Part 1 walks through installing Android Studio and launching your first Android project


The telecom money pit: How to use audits to find significant discrepancies and big savings

A third-party audit offers a low-risk opportunity to drive savings and maintain a clean billing environment free of errors

used car salesman

Do you trust your cloud provider? Addressing these questions will help put you at ease

Focus on security, privacy and operations

cloud building security

10 key considerations when building a private cloud

Private cloud can be a transformative, but it requires significant thought, dedication and perseverance

SD-WAN takes advantage of the 100x MPLS/Internet price gap

You can bridge that chasm without worrying about the downsides of inferior Internet reliability and predictability

A collection of marigolds.

Immutable empty collections and iterators

Find out why the java.util.Collections class includes static methods that return immutable empty collections and iterators.

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