Radiation isn't really a problem, but cell phones can still kill

And IT people will have to answer questions about them; here's a good resource on the answers


Computerworld's Sharon Machlis did a nice little summary of the debate, with lots of links to more detailed info and a very useful little app that lets you type in your phone model and get the amount of radiation the phone puts out. (Less fun but possibly faster is the chart on page 2 with much the same information.)

The information for both comes from an environmentalist-but-scientifically balanced research organization called the Environmental Working Group that provides a lot of hype-busting, calm-inducing information on cell-phones and how to survive the hellish radiation they put out. There's a list of tips to limit exposure, the ten least radioactive phones, and a quick guide on how to escape the giant carnivorous monsters that were your pet turtles until cell-phone radiation mutated them.

Oddly, the headline on the text portion of the EWG's guide is "EWG's Guide to Reduce Cell Phone Radiation Exposure," which couldn't be less expletively overwrought if it tried.

The heading on the page itself is "Is My Cell Phone Dangerous," which just means even the EWG understands SEO.

The answer is No. Except that texting while driving thing. That'll kill you.

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