Business video: Get ready for the surge

By Janice Le, Network World |  Unified Communications, collaboration, video

• Video endpoints. A video endpoint becomes any end-user device that can capture or display video. Popular video capture devices in this category include professional equipment, tablets and smartphones. Playback devices include PCs and laptops, digital signage, tablets and smartphones.

• Media services. Transcoding and transrating services automatically create tailored versions of the same video, optimizing content on different devices from large digital signage displays to smartphones. Media services simplify this process so that a user does not need technical expertise to capture or access video. This category also includes reporting services that help IT see which devices are consuming which video, and how often, in order to make decisions around video archival and scheduled maintenance.

• Network infrastructure. The medianet is built on a foundation of switches and routers with scalable bandwidth and the intelligence to recognize video traffic and prioritize it appropriately. Routers and switches need to communicate with media services, to ensure an optimal quality of the total experience while automating many aspects of configuration and optimization. For example, if media services detect that a person joining a live webcast session has limited bandwidth, the medianet can transcode the streaming video for this location to a lower bit rate.

The question for enterprises is no longer whether to adopt video, but how. It pays to get ready now by building a medianet. Those companies that are prepared for the video surge stand to gain a competitive advantage by using business video for communication, collaboration, education and physical safety and security.

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