Kindle Fire consensus: It's no iPad, but hey, it's cheap!

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"In the world of tablets, there are great products and there are cheap products, but very few great, cheap products," the editors wrote. "Fortunately, for those of you unwilling to shell out $500 for an Apple iPad 2, and wary of buying a piece of junk, Amazon's $199 Kindle Fire tablet should be at the top of your wish list."

Not all reviewers felt that the low price justified the inferior screen size and user interface, however. The New York Times' David Pogue wrote that paying a premium for a quality device is sometimes worth the money, especially if the cheap device you're using is driving you crazy due to its sluggish performance.

"You feel that $200 price tag with every swipe of your finger," he wrote. "Animations are sluggish and jerky. ... The momentum of the animations hasn't been calculated right, so the whole thing feels ornery."

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