Cool gifts for geeks, 2011: Smartphones and accessories

Presenting the gems that will enhance your smartphones during the holidays.

By Network World Staff, Network World |  Unified Communications, Android, iphone accessories

The Callet - phone case and wallet in one

The smart phone has become one of those items that you carry around with you everywhere, much like another thing - the wallet. So why not combine them into one device? That's basically the idea of the Callet, a rubbery phone case that has a couple of "sleeves" in the back that can hold a few credit-cards (or your driver's license) and some cash.

It won't completely replace your wallet, especially if you're one of those types (like George Costanza from 'Seinfeld') who carries around a giant wallet for all your receipts and cards and other things. However, if you need something that can carry a few cards and your license (say, you're going to work out or something), then the Callet may be a good fit. Styles are available for BlackBerry owners, and a few different colors are available (nothing super fancy, just blue, black, pink, etc.)

Just remember that if you lose your phone (or it gets stolen), then you're also losing your cards and license and stuff, so you need to be super super extra careful.

Cool Yule rating: 3 stars
Price: $19.95
Reviewed by Keith Shaw

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