Cool gifts for geeks, 2011: Video games and after work distractions

Pow! Zap! Kapow! Our favorite video games and accessories for the season

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When we first started doing the Cool Yule Tools holiday gift guides, our "After Hours" section used to cover all of the "entertainment" devices, toys, gadgets and video games. With the explosion of home entertainment, personal entertainment and other consumer electronics, the entire guide is practically an "After Hours" section. Still, here are some of our picks of favorite video games and other "after work" distractions for you or your family:

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Products reviewed in this category:
Batman: Arkham City
Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Gamecom X95 wireless headset for Xbox 360, by Plantronics
Once Upon a Monster for Xbox 360 Kinect
Ready, Set, Grover for the Nintendo Wii
Charge Base 3 for Playstation 3, by Nyko
Kinect Zoom for Xbox 360 Kinect, by Nyko
Atari Arcade joystick controller for iPad, by Discovery Bay Games

The reviews

Batman: Arkham City

The sequel to the best Batman video game ever created (Batman: Arkham Asylum) ups the ante in this year's release by giving you more - more areas to explore, more villains to fight, and more puzzles to solve. If you loved playing the original game, you won't be disappointed in this sequel. If you didn't play the original, you can still enjoy a great action/fighting game as you take on the role of Batman. And come on, who wouldn't like being Batman?

The original game had you roaming around the hallways and rooms of Arkham Asylum to take down the Joker and other baddies from the Batman universe, so the sequel needed something bigger, so they give you part of Gotham City. Without revealing any spoilers, the newly elected mayor (the former warden of Arkham who claims credit for Batman's victory) seals off a part of the city and turns it into a prison. All of the prisoners from Blackgate Prison (the 'normal' criminals) and the inmates from Arkham Asylum (the 'super-villains') now reside inside Arkham City. As Batman, you play the game to find out what's going on inside, and to then complete several missions (because, as is the case with video games, something always goes wrong).

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