Avaya: Flare video support coming for iPad, Windows PCs, Android

By Brandon Butler, Network World |  Unified Communications, Avaya

Extending support for other devices is also an acknowledgement of the bring-your-own-device (BYOD) trend, says Cramoysan. Increasingly, enterprises are looking for management tools to control BYOD policies. "Mobile device management is a key challenge from BYOD," he says, noting that IT shops are figuring out how to manage the devices workers already own. In that sense, it only makes sense for Avaya to extend support for its communications platform and tools on to other devices, he says.

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Avaya officials say they're committed to the ADVD hardware device, too. It's aimed at the enterprise communications market and is meant to be a desktop device to enable video communications.

"We're not in the market to compete against the iPad," Monday says, but, he does see a variety of use cases for the ADVD and iPad to work simultaneously. The ADVD, he says, is an "always on, always ready" device that many customers use as their desktop communications device, able to coordinate voice and video calls.

Other analysts believe it could just be a matter of time before the ADVD hardware is dropped though. "I'm surprised they haven't given up on [the ADVD] yet," says Blair Pleasant, an analyst at UCStrategies.com. Avaya has always planned to extend its service to Apple and Android products, she says. Still though, even with the software apps being extended to more devices, the Flare support on various devices is still targeted at a limited audience of existing Avaya customers because the Aura communications platform is needed to run the Flare application.

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