Making Breaking Bad accessible to all

Media is accessible everywhere today, but it’s still not accessible to everyone


The National Center for Accessible Media is an excellent place to start. They’re the folks that developed things like closed captioning (CC) and descriptive video services (DVS) and they offer a wealth of information, tools, and how-tos for making media accessible. They also evaluate technologies for accessibility.

Then there’s the Web Accessibility Initiative, which develops guidelines, materials and resources to help make the web more accessible.

These are just a couple of places to start if you’re interested in coming up-to-speed on accessible media. If you create content, or technologies to serve it, I encourage you to become familiar with the issues and solutions currently available.

After all, people with disabilities should have the same chance that I did to witness Walter White go from Mr. Chips to Scarface. On a mobile device. On the train. On their way to work.

Let’s make technology an even greater thing.

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