Outlook.com dumps 'Preview' tag, preps for mass Hotmail migration

Outlook.com, Microsoft's new-look Webmail service, has exited the preview stage after gathering 60 million users in six months.

By Ian Paul, PC World |  Unified Communications, email, Microsoft

Hotmail users will be getting a new outlook on email before long. Late Monday, Microsoft announced that the preview phase for Outlook.com, the software giant's new and improved Webmail service, is over after being used by more than 60 million people in its six months of existence. Now that's it's ready for prime time, Microsoft plans to migrate current Hotmail users over to the new interface by the time summer rolls around. Fear not; the transition shouldn't be too painful, as your mail, contacts, and current account settings will come along for the ride.

There's a lot to love about the Outlook.com migration if you're a Hotmail user. First of all, you get a Webmail service with a clean, modern interface that is much easier on the eyes than the crowded 90's-style look of Hotmail. Microsoft's new Webmail service also integrates with Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn so you can see social updates from your contacts right in your e-mail window. If you already integrated these accounts with Windows Live, these settings should also come with you.

Outlook.com includes some of the handy tools Microsoft integrated into Hotmail, including 'Sweep' and 'categories' for better message handling. The new service also integrates with other newly revamped online services from Microsoft, including SkyDrive and People, though regrettably, Calendar has not yet been overhauled.

Microsoft says you'll also see 60% fewer ads on Outlook.com than on Hotmail thanks to social updates and messaging panes that take over space usually occupied by advertisements.

If you want to beat Microsoft to the punch, you can migrate automatically by just signing in with your Hotmail account at Outlook.com. You can also check out our earlier hands-on tour of Outlook.com to get the full details on how to navigate the service.

Should you rename your account or create an alias?

A new Webmail service also means new beginnings, and what better way to do that than changing your old, dated Hotmail address to a sparkly new Outlook.com e-mail? Microsoft offers the option of changing your Hotmail e-mail to an Outlook.com address--though you may not want to do so if you're using a Windows Phone, a Windows 8 PC, or an Xbox.

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