Tweak your browser to show YouTube song lyrics

Available for all the major browsers, this handy extension lets you sing along to your favorite music videos.

By Rick Broida, PC World |  Software, YouTube

YouTube makes a great jukebox, whether you use it to stream an entire playlist of songs from your favorite artist or just listen to the occasional modern hit.

Ah, but what if you want to sing along? Or just figure out what the heck that line is in a song's chorus? (Surely it's not, "Should I give up, or should I just keep chasing penguins"?)

YouTube Lyrics by Rob W is a browser add-on that automatically looks up and displays song lyrics. And it works with not only YouTube, but also Grooveshark and Spotify.

The extension is available for Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Opera, and Safari. Once installed, just head to YouTube and look up a song.

Assuming it's nothing too obscure and has the proper name and artist (as with the MP3s that used to float around Napster, some uploaders can't spell), YouTube Lyrics will immediately display a side panel with all the lyrics.

The extension pulls from a variety of online sources, so if the lyrics you see don't seem exactly right, you can click the Different source link (when available) to get another version.

There's also a search field so you can look up lyrics based on a specific song, even if you don't want to stream it.

YouTube Lyrics works exactly as advertised, making your YouTube jukebox experience even more enjoyable. I'm loving this.

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