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  • The keyboard's trackpad and the built-in "kickstand" are improved to make the Surface Pro 3 feel more like a laptop when you are using it with the keyboard. In fact, that is one of Microsoft's selling points about the tablet - that it is more like a laptop than other tablets.

    7 weeks 3 days ago

  • According to the FCC, about 40% of all roberies in NYC in 2011 were related to smartphones or mobile devices. The numbers for DC were similar, so yes, it is a significant problem.

    7 weeks 3 days ago

  • If you go to Microsoft's Silverlight page, it will automatically check for you. 

    7 weeks 3 days ago

  • I’ve almost convinced myself to get a PS4, but I’m a little concerned about being limited to 500gb of internal storage in light of the size of games and increasing popularity of downloading “retail” titles. Can an external hard drive be added to a PS4 for additional storage?

    11 weeks 4 days ago

  • You are in luck because of the 7.1 update, which will work better for you than iOS 7. As GorgeRang pointed out,  iOS 7 didn’t seem to play that well with the iPhone 4. If you want to experience apps crashing on a slow iPhone, try iOS7 on an iPhone 4.

    16 weeks 5 days ago

  • I was looking at both the PS4 and the XBox One, and it seems like the PS4 is the less expensive option, both initially ($400 vs. $500) and on a continuing basis because of the XBox One requirement to purchase a gold membership each year to use Netflix, Amazon Streaming Video, Hulu, play games online, etc.

    16 weeks 6 days ago

  • Nintendo posted yet another annual loss, thanks largely to slow sales of the Wii U system. I’ve read a lot of articles advocating saying that Nintendo should ditch hardware and start publishing it games on mobile devices, something NIntendo has resisted. Like many adults, I grew up with Nintendo, and I want them to be around for a long time.

    23 weeks 2 days ago

  • You can also go into msconfig (System Configuration) and use Selective Startup to stop unnecessary programs from starting on boot. It can make a huge difference.

    23 weeks 2 days ago

  • I’ve been using Outlook with Gmail (though IMAP) for years, but now that I’ve enabled 2-factor authentication, I’m having trouble with it. Can I still use Outlook if I use two factor authentication?

    25 weeks 3 days ago

  • I partitioned a microSD card using Mini-tool Partition Wizard on my PC, which worked great, except I reversed the size of my partitions. I needed FAT32 to be 4GB and the EXT 2 to be 12GB for an app linking application on my Android phone, but I did it backwards (EXT 2 is 4GB).

    28 weeks 2 days ago

  •  Easy answer, although it was technically a Javascript exploit and not really a virus. Back in 2008 some people used it to redirect people from an epilepsy support group to a rapidly flashing image that actually triggered epileptic seizures in a number of people.

    33 weeks 5 days ago

  • On my new Android phone, Polaris Viewer is included, takes up a lot of storage space, and cannot be deleted. Why can’t it be deleted, is it some sort of necessary app? What is it used for?

    39 weeks 5 days ago

  • When I import data sometimes I get a minus sign after the number (1234-) instead of before (-1234) to display a negative value. How can I fix it so the minus sign is in front of the numbers when I import data in Excel 2013?

    47 weeks 6 days ago

  • Can you use Google’s new Chomecast TV dongle with an iPad, or does it only work with Android devices?

    49 weeks 2 days ago

  • If I upgrade from my old copy of Office ‘97 to Office 2013, are there any file conversion issues?

    1 year 3 weeks ago

  • Honestly, I'd say that the greatest security threat is probably losing your device or having it stolen, especially if you don't use a lock screen. After that, malware probably is the biggest threat. Objectively, I really don't know how much good anti-virus programs do.

    1 year 5 weeks ago

  • Zynga just laid off almost 20% of it’s workforce, and closed offices in New York, Dallas and LA. Frankly, I’m something of a Zynga hater due to all the dumb request their games generate on Facebook, but I don't like to see anyone lose their job.

    1 year 5 weeks ago

  • I put this in the category of rumors that would never become reality, but apparently Facebook is actually coming out with their own hardware. I have to ask why? Every smartphone I know of has a Facebook app, or at least there is one available. What more can Facebook do?

    1 year 14 weeks ago

  • I'm looking at getting a new tablet, and pretty much have it down to a Surface or a Nexus 10. I have an Android phone, but I've also had a work issued iPhone, and one think I like is using the screen lock pattern instead of entering a PIN.

    1 year 18 weeks ago

  • I was thinking of teaching myself how to build mobile apps. I was going to try iOS at first, but I don't want to have to learn Objective-C from scratch just to get started. Since Android apps use Java, which I am at least familiar with (although far from accomplished) I though that would be much easier out of the gates.

    1 year 26 weeks ago

  • I don't like how my message previews let anyone nearby see my messages. How can I disable this on an iPhone 4S?

    1 year 32 weeks ago

  • I was thinking about getting an iPhone 5, which would put me in the Apple universe for the first time. I've never had a Mac, iPod, iPhone - really nothing Apple at all. Are my existing computers compatible with iCloud, or would I only be able to access it with the iPhone?

    1 year 32 weeks ago

  • At times work sounds like we have a Blackhawk chopper getting ready to take off with all the cooling fans running. Ok, maybe I'm exaggerating. A little. But it is pretty noisy.

    1 year 35 weeks ago

  • My current HTC is about a year old, and runs Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich (ICS). I don't really need to replace it, but Christmas is coming up, and new phones have a tendency to show up in my stocking on Christmas day if I drop a few hints as to what I want.

    1 year 35 weeks ago

  • I was updating my resume, and removing the useless information to make it less cluttered and (hopefully) more compelling. Does knowing Python still have any value to potential employers? I learned it, oh I don't even know exactly, perhaps 6-7 years ago.

    1 year 43 weeks ago

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