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  • IE has been running really slowly for me over the past week or so, and apparently it was caused by recent patches and updates. How can I find the hotfixes from Microsoft that are supposed to fix this issue?

    4 days 15 hours ago

  • I know that ransomware has been a problem in the Windows world for a while, but now it has reached iPhones, and apparently it will make them unusable unless you pay up hundreds of dollars. What should iPhone users do to prevent an attack like this on their device?

    12 weeks 2 hours ago

  • I was looking at a friend’s Archos tablet, and he didn’t have the app that takes you to Google Play, so he is stuck with Amazon for apps, or Archos’ sad excuse for an app store. I’ve seen a couple of other “off-brand” tablets that also lack it. Why is it missing from so many Android tablets?

    29 weeks 6 days ago

  • It seems as if any update to Android takes forever to reach customers. Google can release an OS update, and it be months before it is pushed out to owners of existing hardware (or it is NEVER updated). This is one of my only real complaints about Android, but why does it take so long?

    33 weeks 6 days ago

  • For a small business, it obviously seems cheaper and easier to set up a peer-to-peer network than a domain based network. What are the main drawbacks of a peer-to-peer network?

    45 weeks 3 days ago

  •  I didn’t see a completely current list, but here is one that is only a couple of months old. Hope it helps.   Nice Lucky Cat avatar, btw!

    1 year 6 days ago

  • Yes, I figure that the physical security of my laptop is my responsibility, and I have other things that are just as critical as my passwords on it. The user can encrypt their drive and secure their data, including their passwords, if they so desire. Also, this is not just Chrome, Firefox stores passwords in the same way. Is it a concern: yes.

    1 year 1 week ago

  • What’s the IP address I need to use to access an AirPort router through my browser?

    1 year 6 weeks ago

  • Feedly is probably the best alternative that I've found. I actually tried AOL Reader....ugh, stick with Feedly. 

    1 year 7 weeks ago

  •  For the most part, yes. For example, if you search “using” Yahoo, you are actually using Bing. However, there is a much greater degree of privacy when you use ixquick and duck duck go. Think of it like searching Google (or whichever search engine they are using) through a proxy.

    1 year 7 weeks ago

  • How do you set up Chrome to delete cookies when you exit the program? I always have Internet Explorer configured to do this under tools>internet options, but I can’t find the same setting for Chrome.

    1 year 11 weeks ago

  • Here is another method. It requires you cut and paste a little code, but nothing difficult.    Enter the text below into Notepad, then name it something like "disablelockscreen.reg" and save it (with the .reg extension). Double click the file to add it to the registry.  

    1 year 27 weeks ago

  • I am looking for a good guide on how to create a private cloud. Obviously, I don't expect a step by step here, but it would be nice if there is an online resource that someone could point me towards. We are thinking about basing it on ubuntu to help keep costs under control.

    1 year 38 weeks ago

  • I have been a little disappointed with WWDC 2012. Sure, no company, not even Apple, can be expected to hit a homerun every time that they are at bat, but I guess I still expected more triples and less singles. Was there anything that wowed and amazed you at this years conference?

    2 years 10 weeks ago

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