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  • The closest I’ve come is a telecommuting and working at various times at my home office, dining room table, couch and, occasionally, bed. My cat keeps me company and doesn’t use my coffee cup, which I once had a human co-worker make a habit of doing. On the other hand, that co-worker didn’t randomly sit on my laptop, so maybe that’s a wash.

    3 weeks 6 days ago

  • Does the APU chip design that combine CPU and GPU functions offer real advantages over the traditional method of having a separate CPU and GPU? Are the main benefits lower cost, or do APUs offer performance advantages?

    3 weeks 6 days ago

  • I understand that salted passwords are significantly more secure in the event of a data breach, but how do you actually go about "salting" passwords?

    15 weeks 5 days ago

  • Whenever I enter my password, I get an error message that says “This Apple ID has been disabled for security reasons.” I think my youngest daughter tried to log in and may have caused this to happen. What do I need to do to get my Apple ID reinstated?

    22 weeks 5 hours ago

  • I’m not a cryptologist, so this is above my pay grade. Are you taking a course? You might want to search some of the scholarly articles using Google Scholar ( You might also want to check out where there is a Q&A section, although it is officially in beta. 

    33 weeks 13 hours ago

  • It is when a ton (technical term) of users attempt to log on at the same time in a VDI environment, which causes significant performance degradation. Here is an article that goes deeper into it.

    34 weeks 7 hours ago

  • Choose the settings charm from the start screen, then choose Change PC Settings>SkyDrive. Click on File Storage on the left side of the menu and you should see “SkyDrive Storage” displayed on the rights, along with an option to purchase more space, if you need it.

    36 weeks 3 days ago

  • I’m going to visit relatives in a couple of weeks, and the only internet connection that they have is dial-up. It’s not their fault, they are in the middle of nowhere. Obviously I won’t be spending much time online, but is it possible to at least connect with a modern Macbook?

    41 weeks 2 days ago

  • You should be fine. Whatsapp is fully encrypted, so your employer shouldn’t be able to see the content. 

    50 weeks 5 days ago

  • I doubt it, but you never know. Most likely, the services will just be changed to use web standard. I just cannot see Google killing services that are used by nearly 10% of Chrome users such as Talk and Google Earth. Google Earth in particular is a bit of flagship offering from the company, so it’s safe.

    50 weeks 5 days ago

  • My son was using my Windows 8 laptop and managed to set it to high contrast mode. When I changed the settings in ease of access, it stayed in high contrast mode. Anyone ran into this and figured out how to fix it?

    1 year 5 days ago

  • I like the idea of an Ubuntu phone, but they fell waaaaaaay short of their $32 million goal, raising “only” $12.8 million, As I understand it, with Kickstarter, if you don’t meet your goal, you get nothing, so I assume Canonical got zilch. Will they still make the Edge anyway?

    1 year 3 weeks ago

  • I just got my daughter a new Nexus 7 for her birthday and she was playing around with GPS while we were driving around today. Everything worked fine at first, but after a few minutes, it started giving the searching for GPS message and we couldn’t get it to lock back on.

    1 year 5 weeks ago

  • One important difference is the Fitbit is water resistant, while the Fuelband is not. You probably wouldn’t want to go diving or anything wearing the Fitbit, since I think it is only ok down to 10m, but it should be safer when you are swimming at the pool or other hanging out at the beach.

    1 year 12 weeks ago

  • I know it’s still early, and iOS 7 may see some changes before its public release, but what did you think? Too predictable, very innovative, or somewhere in between? And how about those icons?

    1 year 13 weeks ago

  • I keep getting error 8024800A when I try to update Windows 7. I'm not sure what's causing it, never had a problem before. Has anyone experienced this error?

    1 year 17 weeks ago

  • I've been playing with my rooted Nexus 7 tablet, and it looks like I played a little too much and locked it up. How do you reboot into recovery? I was using Quick Boot, but I can't get to it because it is stuck on the splash screen. Anyone know the hardware key combination?

    1 year 20 weeks ago

  • I can think of one reason most people would want a Facebook phone. Hint - It starts with “F” and ends with “ree.” I’m sure there is a market segment that wants Facebook even more deeply embedded in their daily lives, but I can only think of one person I know who might be interested in that.

    1 year 23 weeks ago

  • One thing that you might want to consider is one of the Belkin or Logitech cases that doubles as a keyboard for your iPad. It would be a lot cheaper than purchasing a new Chromebook, even the cheapest version, and there really wouldn't be much functional difference other than some additional ports on the Chromebook.

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • Thunderbolt is much faster than even USB 3.0, 20Gbps bidirectional, 40Gbps one way for Thunderbolt vs. 5Gbps bidirectional for USB 3.0. I haven't seen Thunderbolt in many PCs to this point though. A few Ivy Bridge laptops around my office have Thunderbolt ports, that's about it. Newer Macs do have them.

    1 year 24 weeks ago

  • I think the first question that should be asked is whether work is getting done appropriately. Are people meeting their deadlines? Is their work product of good quality? If the answer is no, then you have to address it, establish performance expectations, and hold people to them.

    1 year 29 weeks ago

  • The way Java is constructed includes what they call the "Security Manager", which is intended to restrict applications to running in the Java sandbox.

    1 year 33 weeks ago

  • I think you are viewing this through the lens of the workplace. In that situation, I agree with your reservations, but as Christopher said, it would actually be pretty handy when you are hanging at the homestead.

    1 year 34 weeks ago

  • Gamification is something I've been hearing a lot about for the past year or so, but I don't really get how that applies to websites. Well, except for a website with games on it, I suppose. When people are talking about gamifying a website, what exactly do they mean? How do you gamify a website?

    1 year 43 weeks ago

  • We are putting in a small network at one of our satellite offices, and I am curious if it is worth buying Cat6 cable. We have at least a couple of hundred feet of Cat5e sitting unused. Would you just use up the Cat5e cable, or is it worth spending the money on the Cat6?

    1 year 46 weeks ago

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