Bruce Taylor

Bruce Taylor

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Bio: Bruce Taylor is chief strategist for Uptime Institute, Santa Fe, NM, ( a think-tank and corporate advisory dedicated to the uptime availability, reliability, sustainability and energy efficiency of enterprise-level mission-critical computing/networking environments and data centers. Uptime Institute is the developer of the de facto industry standard for rating and certifying data center reliability known as the Tiers Classification Systems. The Institute runs the oldest and largest private knowledge network serving the data center industry known as the Site Uptime Network. In April of each year, the Institute hosts what has become known as Research Symposium Week, an annual gathering of enterprise computing and data center executives and engineering professionals to review progress on improving IT energy efficiency and the tools and best practices for achieving such. Taylor is a 25-year veteran of the IT media wars as a writer, editor, publishing executive, consultant and conference presenter. He was a co-founder of the technology design futurist conference today known as PopTech. He also founded several other seminal computing-relating publications and conferences, most notably KMWorld which serves the knowledge management technology field, and Imaging World for the document management industry. He was an early publishing pioneer (with the arrows still embedded) in the fields of computer imaging, visualization and interactive multimedia (in the now-dim pre-web past).

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