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Bio: Jessica Luthi- Hertl- Founder of and The Noise Farm Inc. My career started in Fleet Street at the age of sixteen as archivist and runner for Central Press Photo Library. I entered the world of offline loyalty marketing in 1997 working for Radio Classic FM’s “The listeners club” and the out sourced Mercedes Life & Style loyalty rewards program. It was here that Jessica first realized that new customer acquisitions could be obtained by using a new medium called “The internet”. It was also at this time that Jessica discovered that loyalty marketing was already happening online and in the US and its name was Affiliate Marketing. In December 1999, I joined and can claim to be at the birth of Affiliate Marketing in the UK. In Sep 2000, I joined then in March 200 became affiliate manager. In 2005, became an independent affiliate marketing consultant and now is head of a growing and thriving business in the US and UK. I have written and co-produced a number of white papers and was instrumental in bringing, one of the largest US affiliate marketing conferences, to the UK. I received the vote for being the number 20 of the most influential people in fashion in the UK in 2009 I moved to California in 2009 and set up the US company The Noise Farm Inc Ta Dahhhhhh!

Areas of Interest: Networking, affiliate marketing, consultancy, affiliate tracking, analytics


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