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  • Software application delivery teams must take a more strategic approach to application quality, according to a research paper from analyst house Forrester.

    3 years 28 weeks ago

  • The word "essential" denotes something of absolute necessity--something that you can't get by without. But Webroot Internet Security Essentials 2011 ($60 for one year, three PCs, as of 12/2/2010) is sadly a bit of a misnomer: Its antimalware performance proved it was simply not up to the task of securing a modern PC. If you want "essential" protection, you'll need to look elsewhere.

    3 years 28 weeks ago

  • Bargain hunters: Be patient and you'll often find McAfee on sale at a deep discount: The company's Internet Security 2011 (regularly $65 for one year, three PCs as of 12/2/2010) is often available for as little as $40, making it by far the cheapest way to secure the PCs you have at home.

    3 years 28 weeks ago

  • Does computing terminology constantly befuddle you? You're not alone. Nobody ever takes the time to explain new tech terms fully, and it seems we're supposed to figure it all out on our own.

    3 years 28 weeks ago

  • For years, U.S. companies have been shipping development work and other IT tasks offshore in pursuit of low labor costs. Now a growing number of organizations are taking advantage of lower costs closer to home, by hiring outsourcing providers with operations in rural areas of the U.S.

    3 years 32 weeks ago

  • Messaging and groupware is at the heart of business and applications most people use everyday. While the big names like Microsoft Exchange, Lotus Notes and Google Apps are increasing their influence, enterprises have several viable open source options. Of course, there plenty of complaints about the quirks and complications of the bi- name groupware suites so perhaps it’s time to give the lesser-known options a try. In this installment of 5 open source things to watch, we take a look at open source groupware suites which can communicate without costing the farm.

    3 years 33 weeks ago

  • Novell has clarified that Attachmate will retain Novell's Unix copyrights.

    3 years 34 weeks ago

  • Printer vendors, accustomed to letting their devices make most of the noise, adopted a quietly watchful stance amid the speculation surrounding Apple's iOS 4.2 AirPrint feature.

    3 years 34 weeks ago

  • 30 instant solutions to the most common problems affecting Windows 7, Vista, and XP.

    3 years 34 weeks ago

  • Security researcher Markus Jakobsson offers some insider tips on finding an advisor, your specialty, an internship, a job.

    3 years 41 weeks ago

  • Analysts see five ways in which VMware hopes to edge Citrix and bump the desktop virtualization leader into the role of selling obsolete concepts for both desktop and server virtualization.

    3 years 42 weeks ago

  • Information workers can now provision their own software tools, information sources, and social networks via the Web to support their jobs. But don't let this new reality fool you, the task of identifying and sourcing new technologies is more important than ever.

    4 years 14 weeks ago

  • One of the biggest decisions IT managers have to make is how and where to run data center applications. Fortunately, there are multiple choices that lower costs and increase business agility, including server virtualization, internal clouds, public clouds and external private clouds.

    4 years 20 weeks ago

  • iRiver, best known for teensy, feature-packed portable music and video players, is hopping on to the increasingly crowded e-book reader bandwagon with one of the skinniest entries to date.

    4 years 28 weeks ago

  • It seems that IT leaders are warming up to cloud computing, with its promise of elasticity, utility-based billing, multiple storage locations, and the ability to pull data directly from storage devices. In fact, cloud computing ranked second (behind virtualization) as the technology most beta-tested in 2009, according to Computerworld's 2010 Forecast survey of more than 300 IT executives.

    4 years 29 weeks ago

  • Red Hat has open sourced a virtual desktop protocol it acquired last year, called the Simple Protocol for Independent Computing Environment</a> (SPICE), in the hope of fostering its wider adoption.

    4 years 32 weeks ago

  • Have you ever wished for a magic wand that could make annoying Windows problems disappear? Like, say, a missing Recycle Bin icon, or those pesky Runtime Error messages in Internet Explorer?

    4 years 32 weeks ago

  • Google's ever-expanding presence could mean trouble for Hulu and iTunes, as YouTube may one day let you buy streaming TV shows the day after they air. If a report by All Things D's Peter Kafka is correct, Apple and Hulu should worry because Google is well-positioned to be a network TV streaming powerhouse, and this time it's no joke.

    4 years 33 weeks ago

  • Wayne Shurts had no experience overseeing IT operations in emerging markets when Cadbury CEO Todd Stitzer appointed him global CIO last summer. The geographic parameters of Shurts' responsibilities at the sweets maker--with a presence everywhere from Pakistan to Palau--multiplied overnight.

    4 years 36 weeks ago

  • Good news for Yahoo Mail users: If you've had trouble sending large files, help is at hand. A new application lets you send attachments as large as 100MB.

    4 years 44 weeks ago

  • Performing human-subjects experiments on Amazon Mechanical Turk offers many benefits, including very low experiment costs, quick turn-around rates, and relatively simple approvals from human subjects boards. But you have to be careful to avoid bias and error.

    4 years 46 weeks ago

  • Learn about the open source software behind SETI@home and dozens of other volunteer computing projects.

    4 years 46 weeks ago

  • Nowadays, information systems audit seems almost synonymous with information security control testing.

    5 years 8 weeks ago

  • As a manager, you need a "toolkit" of approaches you can access when working with your team, says author Louis Testa. Your toolkit should include methods for motivating people, making yourself available, choosing the team's tools, organizing the team, setting up the workspace, managing projects, resolving conflict, and communicating with your team. With multiple tools and approaches on hand, you can select the best tools for the job. As the saying goes, if your only tool is a saw, then the solution to every problem is to cut.

    5 years 19 weeks ago

  • Applying a few simple project management tips will quickly earn you a reputation for delivering network projects on time and within budget -- the sort of reputation that opens doors.

    5 years 24 weeks ago

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