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  • Don’t forget that size also matters. Studies have shown that larger fonts increase reading accuracy, but you don’t want your website to look like a child’s board book with huge letters. Try to find the happy medium, and avoid tiny font/size like the plague.

    1 week 2 days ago

  • If you want, you can use PayPal, where most of us probably already have an account whether we like it or not. I suggest also checking out Square Cash, though. It’s a very easy process that allows you to get set up with nothing more than an email address and your ATM card.

    4 weeks 5 days ago

  • There is always a bit of “luck of the draw,” so you could get a HDD that has issues from any manufacturer. That said, I think if you ask most people in IT, Western Digital is going to be the HDD of choice for the majority of them. There are other good drives, of course, and some cheaper options, but WD would be my first choice. 

    7 weeks 1 day ago

  • It’s worth updating immediately. The flaw exposes you to potential man in the middle attacks, by skipping validation checks when SSL/TLS connections are being established. As Apple puts, it: "An attacker with a privileged network position may capture or modify data in sessions protected by SSL/TLS. ...

    7 weeks 1 day ago

  • Legislation just introduced to restore net neutrality, but I would be shocked if anything actually gets passed, or even voted on, by this Congress. Anyway, it’s called the Open Internet Preservation Act, so you might want to give your Senators and Congressman a call if it’s something you support.

    10 weeks 1 day ago

  • The most noticeable change will be that it will boot to desktop by default. Probably. In addition to some relatively minor tweaks to Outlook, power and search buttons are added to the Start screen, and there is a lot more use of “right clicking” to access menus and interface with applications.

    10 weeks 1 day ago

  • I think it has significant influence for many people. Of course, how that influence manifests itself is likely to very different for someone who started off with an Apple II versus a Commodore 64. I’ve known one of my friends since we were kids, and I still remember his Apple IIe.

    10 weeks 2 days ago

  • I got a larger memory card to replace the small one that I filled up after downloading only a few games. How can I transfer the games from one memory card to the other so that I don’t have to download them again and/or lose my save data? Note to Sony: the cost of Vita memory cards is ridiculous.

    11 weeks 5 days ago

  • First off, let me say I’m not a developer, so this is just from my experience as an end user. I’ve had GPS radio issues in some Android phones in the past, where I could never get lock-on, but I could get a location because the device was using WiFi locations and tower triangulation to get a rough translation.

    11 weeks 5 days ago

  • This weekend I have to do some work in an unheated facility and I need to use my laptop while I’m there. Unfortunately, the forecast high is 16 degrees. Will a standard laptop function in a cold weather environment like this, or am I going to have problems? Anything special I need to do?

    14 weeks 6 days ago

  • You have already taken the first steps in evaluating your requirements by looking at the number of employees and the types of applications in use. Also, important is the types, and therefore sizes, of files that will be emailed, stored in the cloud, etc.

    15 weeks 6 days ago

  • There was a good article that addressed the question of whether Applecare Plus was worth it on Macworld a few months ago.  

    15 weeks 6 days ago

  •  I am not 100% certain about this, as I’ve never done it, but I do know that you can downgrade from Enterprise to Professional. I think that you have to use a third-party application to do it, and I’ve never used it, so I’m not specifically endorsing anything.

    16 weeks 6 days ago

  • I agree with ZigZag on the probable release window (ahem). I would not expect to see the next Windows version until 2015. It is a major undertaking that requires time and money, so even if Windows 8 hasn't been unversally loved, it will be a while before you see it replaced. I don't think Windows 8 is that bad, personally.

    19 weeks 1 day ago

  • I would think the legal concerns will eventually ground this idea. Seriously, the deliveries would be in urban environments, which suggest a lot of people. How many times would it take a drone falling on a person to generate a multi-million dollar lawsuit? I’m estimating somewhere in the one range. I just can’t see this actually happening.

    19 weeks 1 day ago

  • A British IT security expert, Graham Cluley, suggested in a computing article that we start referring to the cloud as someone elses computer. His idea is that it would more accurately get people to think of the legitimate security concerns that accompany the cloud model.

    19 weeks 2 days ago

  • You can customize that behavior in the Advanced tab of the Excel Options dialog box (Alt+FTA). Uncheck the check box for “After Pressing Enter, Move Selection” if you don’t want it to move at all. If you want to make it move in a different direction, there is a “Direction” pop-up list where you can select your desired direction of movement.

    21 weeks 5 days ago

  • As far as I know, the AllShare is limited to use with Samsung phones/tablets, so it wouldn’t work for displaying laptop content. I think of AllShare as basically an invisible HDMI cable between your phone and TV.   

    21 weeks 5 days ago

  • Cisco just announced that they are making H.264 open source and free for developers to implement. Will this likely have a positive or negative impact of implementation of WebRTC?

    23 weeks 6 days ago

  • Opera Mini is under 1Mb, and also happens to be a pretty good browser. Dolphin Mini is a little larger, but is also a good choice. I actually prefer Dolphin Mini, but if you are bumping up against the limits of your internal storage, Opera Mini might be the way to go. You can get either for free from Google Play. 

    25 weeks 1 day ago

  • Sorry, but according to HP that printer is not supported by Windows 8, and there is no driver available, which would explain your difficulty in finding one. You will either have to get a new printer or stick with Windows 7. 

    25 weeks 1 day ago

  • I think the issue may have been fixed already, so try again. For a couple of days there were apparently compatibility issues, although I’m not sure what the exact problem was. Microsoft said it was Google’s fault for making some changes without telling them.

    25 weeks 2 days ago

  • You are probably buying NOS DDR2 memory. I'm not sure if anyone even produces it any longer, so you have a fairly limited supply of it, which drives up the price. 

    25 weeks 2 days ago

  • I think the best answer is, “it depends,” since the two are actually pretty different. There was a decent discussion of this on quora not long ago.

    26 weeks 1 day ago

  • NTFS is compression of files on a hard drive, you can’t just send someone a file that has been compressed with NTFS.

    26 weeks 2 days ago

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