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  • There is nothing official yet, but leaks and regulatory documents indicate the next Nexus tablet will be a 8.9” HTC tablet called the Nexus 9 .

    4 days 23 hours ago

  • Google just released the Android One, a mid-range Android handset with decent specs (4.5” display, 1.3Ghz quad-core cpu, 4.4 KitKat). Nothing too special about that, but it retails for the equivalent of $103.

    5 days 14 hours ago

  • Not to delve in to the files that were stolen, but I assume most people have heard about the multiple celebrities’ iCloud account that have been breached and had their private content stolen.

    2 weeks 5 days ago

  • It seems that every month or so I see a news story along the lines of “Brand X smartphone explodes in man’s pocket,” or “Brand Y laptop battery explodes, burning cute fluffy kitten.”  In fact, I just saw an article today about a OnePlus One catching fire, and that is a well reviews, relatively high end bit of kit.

    3 weeks 3 days ago

  • Other than keeping a HDD in a relatively dry environment, what steps should be taken for long term storage when they are not installed in a PC?

    6 weeks 3 days ago

  • Sometimes app updates make changes that I don’t really like. Occasionally, an update will actually break the app and make it unusable. Usually the major problems get fixed in a subsequent update, but not always. Is there a way to revert to an older versions of Android Apps? I install 99% of my apps from Google Play, if that matters.

    7 weeks 4 days ago

  • Amazon has the OS system listed as Fire 3.5. What is Fire OS? Will it run apps from any of the other OSes (Windows, Android, iOS)?

    13 weeks 3 days ago

  • Ah, ok. That makes sense. Now I know what it means that my phone has a locked bootloader. Thanks for the info!

    16 weeks 5 days ago

  • I always see bootloaders mentioned in a locked/unlocked context on Android forum discussions, but I don't know what it actually is or does. Anyone?

    16 weeks 5 days ago

  • I suspect a lot of other people are asking themselves this question after Adobe Creative Cloud was down for over a day. There are a lot of people that missed deadlines because of this, and Adobe forced the subscription, cloud-only model on everyone so there was no fall-back unless you have physical copies of the older software versions.

    18 weeks 1 day ago

  • This isn’t just some remote, not-gonna-happen possibility. It does happen, as a lot of Nirvanex customers learned earlier this year.

    18 weeks 5 days ago

  • This isn’t something I know much about (sorry!), but maybe you could find more information at the developers section at Facebook. Maybe not, though. Wish I could help you out.

    18 weeks 5 days ago

  • At the risk of sounding like an old ad line from Microsoft’s competition, there is an app that does that called, appropriately, Network Usage.

    19 weeks 1 day ago

  • The Electronic Freedom Foundation (or EFF) has a browser plug-in called Privacy Badger that will do what you want.

    19 weeks 6 days ago

  • When I’m using open WiFi networks for anything more than a quick bit of casual browsing, what steps are necessary to stay secure?

    22 weeks 2 days ago

  • Zero day refers to a situation where there has been “zero days” since the time a vulnerability was publicly identified and the first attack. It means that there has been a problem identified, but there isn’t a patch yet. 

    22 weeks 4 days ago

  • This is a known issue that some Instagram recently started to experience. The photos should still be viewable on your profile. In any case, Instagram is aware of it and says that they are working on it. As far as I know, they haven’t mentioned the cause, but you can rest easy that it wasn’t you.

    24 weeks 3 days ago

  • I would think that a lot of that would depend on the app you are using - I would make sure that it doesn’t store data locally, and I would make sure to use a lock screen password on your device. The data you send to your bank is going to be encrypted, so it shouldn’t be exposed even if someone gets hold of the data during transmission.

    27 weeks 3 days ago

  • Banking would be at the top of my list, followed by logging onto pretty much any account. Making purchases would be on the list, don’t want to share my credit card and personal info. That being said, I don’t think it is being paranoid, but Man in the Middle attacks over public WiFi is pretty rare.

    27 weeks 3 days ago

  • The 2014 MWC has wrapped up in Barcelona, after introducing many interesting and not so interesting ideas and products, some of which are already in production, and some which will never see the light of day. What were the most important and interesting concepts/products that are likely to actually become reality?

    29 weeks 1 day ago

  • There was a discussion about this on the TrueCrypt forum a while back, unfortunately it requires an account to view. If you do have an account (or want to establish one), here is the relevant link:  

    30 weeks 1 day ago

  • No, I afraid not. I know that it isn’t exactly the same thing, but you could use Miracast as a substitute. I would be surprised if RT support is ever added to Chromecast, in light of its relatively low adoption rate.

    30 weeks 1 day ago

  • Is there a way to send money to someone directly over Gmail? If so, what is the process for doing so? I read an article about a new service that “competes with Gmail’s money transfer service.” I had no idea that such a service exists, assuming the article was accurate.

    31 weeks 1 day ago

  • I have been looking at Chomebooks for a while, and when I mentioned it to someone at my office they told me to be aware that you can’t print with Chromebooks like you can with a laptop, but she didn’t know the particulars of why. Is she right? Is printing with a Chomebook really more difficult that it is with, say, a Windows laptop?

    32 weeks 1 day ago

  • I haven’t been able to access my yahoo email in more than two days, and can’t seem to do anything about it. Since I use my yahoo email (which I have had forever) to communicate with a wide range of people, both personally and professionally, this stinks. Anyone know what the issue is or how widespread it is?

    40 weeks 3 days ago

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