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  • There was an announcement today that Google and Dropbox were starting something called Simply Secure to improve cloud storage security. What does Simply Secure do that hasn’t already been done by other cloud services providers?

    1 day 10 hours ago

  • Google has a bit of a history of product launches in October, so this makes sense. Phone Arena is also reporting an October 8 announcement for the Nexus 9 tablet, citing Portugese sources. 

    1 day 14 hours ago

  • I have to do some work this week using iCloud, which I am not familiar with (I usually use Google Drive and DropBox). How do you share files with other users with iCloud?

    4 days 10 hours ago

  • I let a friend use my laptop and apparently he filled out some online forms. Now whenever I, the actual owner of the laptop, try to fill out forms his information comes up in autofill. I’m using the Chrome browser. How can I get rid of unwanted information in autofill?

    1 week 3 days ago

  • It depends on the LTO. There are LTO-1 through LTO-6 with 1 having the shortest service life and 6 having the longest. But that’s talking about end to end passes, not shelf life. You should expect anywhere from 9600 end to end passes for LTO-1 to 16,000 for most other LTO.

    3 weeks 3 days ago

  • What is WiFi offloading and how does it work?

    3 weeks 5 days ago

  • Can I use an old peripheral with a 4-pin style USB connector with a 9-pin USB header (assuming I can find the proper drivers for it)?

    5 weeks 4 days ago

  • There is an HBO documentary called Love Child that I’ve got on my “to see” list. It’s pretty tragic; basically two people who are “internet addicts” meet, have a baby, then the baby dies because they ignore it to play online games. The thing I have trouble accepting is that there is such a thing as internet addiction.

    7 weeks 4 days ago

  • I don’t always go through the steps to properly eject SD cards from computers at work before I remove them. I usually use a USB reader, but on some laptops with an SD card slot, I just use that. Just to be clear, I’m not doing this every time or even on purpose - I just forget occasionally.

    9 weeks 2 days ago

  • I’ve read a few forward thinking articles that refer to the future event of “technological singularity.” What precisely are they referring to when they use this term?

    12 weeks 3 days ago

  • Apparently Comcast has decided to piggyback public hotspots onto their customers’ private wireless routers. I have no desire for my router to become a zombie hotspot. Frankly, I feel like they should pay me for the privilege just like they extorted from Netflix if they want to use my house and equipment for their own purposes.

    14 weeks 2 days ago

  • When evaluating whether an email marketing campaign has been effective, what are the most important metrics to consider?

    16 weeks 4 days ago

  • My laptop was running slow so I opened task manager to see what was hogging resource, and I have multiple “svchost.exe” processes running at the same time. What is svchost.exe and why are so many running?

    17 weeks 4 days ago

  • It’s a more significant update than the Andorid 4.4.X updates. The main thing most people will notice straight away is Cortana, Microsoft’s version of Siri. They have also added “Action Center” which let’s you swipe down from the top of the display to view notifications and toggle things like WiFi on and off...pretty much like Android.

    22 weeks 1 day ago

  • You can use ActiveX filtering. Enable it by going into TOOLS>SAFETY>ACTIVEX FILTERING. After you have enabled it, when you visit a website that uses ActiveX content, a pop-up will advise you that some content is disabled on the page, and give you the option to turn off ActiveX filtering.

    22 weeks 1 day ago

  • Amazon just announced its new set-top box called Fire TV, but it seems to me that there are plenty of established products already. Roku, Apple and, to an extent, Google all have streaming devices on the market. Does Fire TV do anything new, or does it do the same thing as all the other products, just with the Amazon name on it?

    24 weeks 2 days ago

  • I need to make sure to delete all the personal data (everything really) on a Chromebook that I am going to sell. Anyone know exactly how I go about it?

    25 weeks 3 days ago

  • While it may have some short term impact...the exchange rate for BitCoin did drop somewhat after new of the Mt. Gox breach...I doubt it will have lasting impact. There has been increasing criticism of Mt. Gox over the past year or so, as the site experienced repeated trouble, some minor and some significant.

    29 weeks 2 days ago

  •  Basically, that’s a fancy way of saying that they when you are having an Egg McMuffin and checking your email over the WiFi at McDonalds, the attacker is at the same McDonalds and has the ability to instigate a Man in the Middle (MitM) attack. At least, that’s what I think it means.

    29 weeks 2 days ago

  • I have an original Wii (not Wii U) with over 80 downloaded titles. Recently, I’ve started to get a disc read error, and I looked into getting it repaired by Nintendo, but it costs around $70.

    31 weeks 3 days ago

  • Hmm, well, your question kind of asks about two different things - Real Time Data Management, which is applicable when a huge amount of data is coming in a constant stream from, for example, industrial processes, and Spundge which is a real time content (RSS, blogs, etc.) aggregator.

    31 weeks 3 days ago

  • Sure they have a “legitimate” reason - profits. In the US replacement of lost and stolen cell phones costs $30 billion a year with insurance adding another $7.8 billion in carrier profits (source  - SFGate). After all, if someone steals your $500 device what are you going to do? That’s right - pay for another one.

    31 weeks 3 days ago

  • I only have 2GB of RAM on my current Compaq laptop, and want to upgrade to 4GB (I have Windows 7, 64-bit). I looked in system settings and couldn’t find it. I don’t want to purchase the wrong thing; how can I determine the correct type of memory to buy?

    32 weeks 3 days ago

  • Thanks for the advice. I think I will try to see if I can get Windows to run a bit better, and if I don't see much improvement, it might be time to try Umbuntu or Xumbuntu. 

    33 weeks 20 hours ago

  • I have an old Compaq Windows 7 laptop that everything works on, but it is so, so slow. I don’t remember it being that slow when I got it about 3 years ago, but it seems to have gotten progressively worse over time.

    33 weeks 1 day ago

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