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Bio: Hiremagentodeveloper is a one-stop destination for your eCommerce needs. The company was established in 2008 by a single individual. Since then it has never looked back and has gone from strength to strength which now boasts a workforce of 100+ dedicated and qualified developers and designers. The company plays a significant role in the Software Development World as it serves customers from all across the globe. Deploying the best features of the Magento platform, its designer and programmers produce simple but powerful and easy-to-navigate online stores that create a comfort zone for the customers to enjoy a wonderful shopping experience. The company mainly focuses in providing you an appealing eCommerce store which is also uniform in look and feel. The expertise is clearly visible in all their works that make your presence felt on the web easily and in the most economic way. From the top senior programmers to junior developers, everybody's commitment to the project that has been undertaken is nothing short of 100%.

Areas of Interest: Cloud Computing, Mobile & Wireless, Networking, Software


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