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  • I know this is no great feat, but after reinstalling Mint14 Cinnamon, I got the theme to go. My problem? I didn't FOLLOW INSTRUCTIONS. It really came to life when I installed the Ubuntu Tweek and the Cairo Dock. Something that I skipped over the first time around. All is going well now. Thanks again Jim

    1 year 19 weeks ago

  • An update to I tried to install the MAC desktop. Hi again Jim. If you will check the command lines sudo apt-get install mac-icons-noobslabsudo apt-get install mac-ithemes-noobslab The sudo apt-get install mac-icons-noobslab was not found and that could be my problem. Thanks  

    1 year 19 weeks ago

  • Hi Jim Lynch,I tried to install the MAC desktop top to my Mint 14. I guess I did something wrong, because it blew system up. All I'm getting is a black screen. Is there anyway I can get it back to where it was? I really hate having to redo all that I had done before the mishap.Thanks

    1 year 19 weeks ago

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