Unintentionally, AMD, Intel Build Great Cloud Chips

Adding security, graphics, wireless instead of more cores hits real need for virtual apps.


The ultimate impact on corporate IT, however, may be to create relatively inexpensive systems that are well designed not only to run movies, but to act as front ends to SAAS, cloud-computing and virtual desktop applications.

Except for configurations that create locked and encrypted VMs on the laptop itself, all three of those fast-growing models run most of their code on back-end servers and use the PC, iPad or smartphone essentially as a screen on which to run movies of the application and platform for buttons with which to control it.

Neither AMD nor Intel intended it when they began R&D on this particular generation of chips -- which will appear in PCs and laptops during the first quarter of next year -- but the combined functions will make all kinds of devices much better clients for IT that takes more and more of the work off the endpoint and puts it back on the server itself.


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