Beware of 'false clouds,' warn the people who sell clouds you can't build yourself

Internal clouds don't qualify as 'sacred' or cloud, Amazon and Salesforce bosses claim


He's right that it's a religious issue; everyone has their own opinions, there's no definitive evidence which one is completely right, and most of their assumptions are mutually exclusive.

If you pull Larry Ellison into the mix, as they eventually did, you even have a built-in heretic, who apparently pointed at a piece of hardware onstage at Oracle OpenWorld and said "This is my cloud."

Being that hardware and clouds are similar in the same way as water and fire, and that Oracle is a software company anyway, and doesn't really sell either clouds or hardware (except, just barely, Sun boxes), it looks as if Larry might be more confused about what cloud is and what you do with it than even the people who really are trying to sell it.

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