In attack on Amazon, Microsoft displays worryingly poor FUD

If EC2 is a 'horseless carriage,' is Azure a Stanley Steamer?


The thing that's interesting and relevant is that Microsoft and Amazon are each trying as hard as they can to be like the other. Seems odd, when Microsoft execs are slamming Amazon for missing the boat on cost and effective paradigm shift while doing everything it can to make its Azure PAAS service look and act more like Amazon's IAAS service.

Amazon is doing the same thing. Neither is making the most of the unique advantages of IAAS vs PAAS, while creating connections to make it easier for customers to link a competing service to theirs, to make their cloud an easy-to-use hub for cloud, SAAS and virtual computing.

They're just beating each other up in their marketing while imitating and trying to one-up each other on individual price points and features.

Not the kind of tactic that would take customers' minds off the benefits of a competitors' products, let alone make technology that both works and is available seem obsolete compared to the glorious images of a product that doesn't exist and can't yet demonstrate its flaws.

It's actually a lot more honest approach to just stand on your side of a line and call the other guy names.

It doesn't help you much, because IT customers are generally too smart or cynical to buy it. It doesn't hurt the competitor, who can yell names right back.

But it gives the press a good spitting match to write about, and for that I have to thank Microsoft quite sincerely.

Kevin Fogarty writes about enterprise IT for ITworld. Follow him on Twitter @KevinFogarty.

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