VMware releases cloud security integration tool disguised as virtual iPhone manager

Horizon App Manager supports many identity profiles to centralize SAAS single sign-on


The first version of Horizon App Manager also lives in the cloud, and primarily handles single-sign-on to other apps in the cloud.

As the number of VMware-virtualized connected tablets, phones and other devices increases, so will Horizon's ability to handle authentication, provisioning and data security for them, Wasmer said.

It will also become a primary authentication method for VMware's Cloud Foundry cloud service as well as vSphere applications.

Updates due within the next few months will also extend single sign-on to Citrix and Microsoft applications beyond Active Directory, eventually becoming a de facto hub to integrate user profiles, login data, security and access policies and other security and administration functions that are absolute requirements for the enterprise, but that exist right now primarily as single-vendor solutions.

Oh, Horizon App Manager will also fulfill its original function, Wasmer said, by presenting a self-serve app market end users can access to create new connections to or link with both internal and external applications.

It has been in beta testing for four months, should be available now for favored users, and will go into general availability later this year. It will cost $30 per user per year.

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