Amazon hails era of 'utility supercomputing'

High performance computing on-demand will revolutionise scientific research, claims AWS

By Sophie Curtis, Techworld |  Virtualization, Amazon, Amazon Web Services

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Cloud computing giant Amazon Web Services is heralding the era of utility supercomputing, whereby massive computational resources and storage requirements can be accessed on demand.

Speaking at the launch of Intel's Xeon E5 processor family in London this week, AWS technology evangelist in residence, Dr. Matt Wood, said that cloud computing was a utility service like electricity and gas, in that it allows consumers and businesses to pay for consumption of a service on demand.

The cloud's capacity for storing and processing Big Data is only limited by the infrastructure it sits on, explained Wood. While the technology can act as "friction", extending the time it takes to move from an idea to a result, more powerful processors are helping to reduce this lag time, opening up new opportunities for a whole range of industries.

In particular, scientific and financial organisations with massive computational demands will be able to rent resources from the cloud to be able to do their work - whether it happens to be product modelling, simulation or informatics - without having to invest in huge infrastructure.

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