Can a rolling pin kill a zombie? Yep

Slingshot guy builds "Angry Housewife" weapon out of cooking tool


This week's slingshot-of-the-week video from Joerg Sprave has more coconut-smashing fun, courtesy of an ordinary kitchen tool - the rolling pin. Despite the slight sexism comments about "angry housewives" chasing their husbands with a tool (hey, I'm not going to confront the slingshot guy about that), Sprave shows in slow-motion what would happen if you used the rolling pin on the head of a zombie (in this case, a coconut - previous videos talked about the similarities between coconuts and zombie skulls).

Anyway, whenever I think of angry housewives and rolling pins, the comic strip Andy Capp always comes into my brain. Just for fun, head to Google Images and type in "angry housewife rolling pin" to see the hilarious stock images that come up.

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