Latest Lego Batman game trailer shows more voice acting

Game raises debate over adding voices to classic Lego video games


WBGames has released the latest trailer for its Lego Batman 2 video game, the first one in which we'll hear voice acting for the Lego characters such as The Joker, Batman, Superman and the Riddler. Previously, the Lego video games would have characters who were silent, or they'd make random noises or belches. While many on the YouTube comment boards are against this, I think it enhances the game and should be just as entertaining, if not more enjoyable.

The upcoming Lord of the Rings Lego video game also features voice acting, but goes one step further, providing actual dialogue from the movies, something that the Batman game doesn't do (mainly because the game isn't based on any of the movies, just general Batman and DC super hero mayhem).

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