NetBackup 7.6 gets tight with VMware

NetBackup Accelerator to provide vastly faster backups and restores of VMs

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Symantec also announced a beta version of its Cluster Server software, which now targets VMware servers to provide high availability and disaster recovery for applications running in virtual infrastructures.

The new software will provide automatic application failover between VMware VMs in order to provide faster application recovery without compromising VMware advanced capabilities like vMotion and Distributed Resource Scheduler. Symantec's Cluster Server can be managed directly through the vCenter console.

Finally, Symantec announced a new version of its Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware, which integrates directly into VMware vCenter and adds support for vSphere 5.0.

In the event of a path failure, Dynamic Multi-Pathing for VMware automatically routes data to an available path and then restores the failed paths as they become available - providing storage management and availability across disparate storage hardware.

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