VMware shares vision, looks to Horizon

By Thor Olavsrud , CIO |  Consumerization of IT, VMware

"You need to start thinking about applying policy and identity to a person and then have it follow on whatever device they happen to use," Herrod said.

Bringing together all these solutions in a single suite will allow IT to deliver Windows, Android, iOS, Web and SaaS applications in a single workspace while giving end users self-service access to applications and data.

VMware says it expects to deliver a beta version of Horizon Suite in the fourth quarter. VMware is also continuing to push the idea of desktop virtualization, both with the existing VMware View application and now with Mirage, brought to VMware as part of its recent Wanova acquisition.

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Whereas View focuses on hosting desktops in the data center, Mirage is designed to add the capability to manage desktops in the cloud while still allowing local system execution on physical desktops and laptops. Mirage clones the images of the endpoints in the data center and runs them locally.

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