vSphere upgrade saga: Upgrading HPSIM


Unfortunately for me the step ‘Run the Integrated Installer’ did not complete successfully. There was one error; it failed to run axinstall.exe that is part of the Altiris solution used as part of HP Matrix Deployment solution. But since I normally do not use Altiris and never had it installed before, I just decided to not select it for this upgrade. I can always add it later if I want. This one hiccup did not require me to revert to my snapshot or restore my databases as HP has a fairly intelligent upgrade strategy of not failing the entire update if one component has an issue.

This upgrade went smoothly because of two things:

  • I was prepared for failure (snapshots as well as database backups)

  • I made upgrade decisions based on the reality of my environment (performance and tools in use).

You do not always need to install everything or make changes to existing environments just because the box says it is required. As long as you have proof that it is not needed. My proof came from vCops and vCenter itself plus all the other monitoring tools I have within the environment.

Next we upgrade VMware vCenter Server

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