vSphere upgrade saga: Upgrading the storage on your Iomega ix2-200


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While technically not part of my vCloud environment, I use an Iomega ix2-200 as my tertiary storage for ISOs used within my vCloud environment. I also use an 8TB iSCSI server that also acts as my RHEV server. I will be upgrading this later as well with a 10G network card and the latest RHEV. However, this is about my Iomega ix2-200.

In effect, my ISO store had grown so large that the SMB fileserver was exhausted so I moved it all to the ix2, which exhausted its disk storage as well. In effect, 1TB is just not enough for everything I have.

Since I like the mirrored drives in the ix2, I chose to get 3TB ones as a massive upgrade. This 3x upgrade seemed to be feasible as Iomega sold 3TB drives for the ix2-200. Unfortunately, they are no longer available. This implied I could go to the store and get some, which I did. Some people like Seagate, some do not; I am on the fence. I have had Western Digital and Seagate both fail on me. They are commodity drives after all. If I want enterprise class storage, I use my FC SAN. However, for ISOs and other items I also store on blu-ray, the ix2-200 works just fine. A little slow, but still works and saves me space on my primary storage.

There are several very good documents on upgrading the storage on your ix2-200 that you can follow. Some of them say to remove the disks and mount them into your windows or Linux machine to fix partition issues. Thankfully, I did not need to do that, as all I use these days is a Mac Book Pro or my iPad. I would have needed to get an eSata to USB device. I used the following sites as reference on how to proceed. It took a bit of searching but here they are:

1. Upgrading IOmega ix2-200 to bigger hard drives
2. Turbocharge your ix2-200 with SSD
3. Upgrading Iomega ix2-200 to Cloud Edition

Each of these sites provided the help I need. However, the first thing I did was enable support mode (by going to http://ip-of-ix2/support.html) and enabling SSH. This way I could see what was happening.

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