RHEV upgrade saga: RHEL KVM and the Open vSwitch


# ovs-vsctl show
Bridge "ovsbr0"
        Port "ovsbr0"
            Interface "ovsbr0"
                type: internal
       Port "mgmt0"
            Interface "mgmt0"
                type: internal
       Port "bond0"
            Interface "eth2"
            Interface "eth0"
        Port "vnet7"
            Interface "vnet7"
    Bridge "ovsbr1"
        Port "bond1"
            Interface "eth3"
            Interface "eth1"
        Port "mgmt1"
            Interface "mgmt1"
                type: internal
        Port "ovsbr1"
            Interface "ovsbr1"
                type: internal
    ovs_version: "1.7.1"

Now enable the bridges and run some pings. If you are at a console you can run the following command:

# service network restart

Otherwise perhaps you want to test one interface at a time. In this case we did:

# ifup bond0 
or use # ifup eth0
# ifup ovsbr0
# ifup mgmt0

The ultimate test however is pinging the outside world and that worked flawlessly.

I would like to thank Scott Lowe for all his help from his blog post (originally for Ubuntu) and for his help on Twitter and Skype to solve the problem of getting not only openvswitch running but bonding my Dom0 to the vSwitch as well as all the DomU’s in use.

Next it is time to create some virtual machines and find a graphical management system that works for RHEV with the Open vSwitch.

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