Windows 8 leaks predict better recovery, worse interface

History Vault will add reliability, the ribbon will annoy millions


You can already do that with System Restore, if the problem doesn't cause Windows to lose track of all its previous Restore Points or keep it from reading data on attached storage devices or not complete at all because one of the running services decided to leave cryptic messages behind in the Registry when it decided to commit suicide.

History Vault theoretically would allow you to restore your document files to one time (today) and system files to a different time (last time they worked correctly), managing sequential backups automatically and making them available with a GUI that is easier to use.

I hope that doesn't mean adding a ribbon.

There is also a System Reset function designed to let you reset Windows to factory settings, just like every bit of cheap networking gear and peripheral you ever plugged into a PC. It's designed to make it easier for businesses to restore a system before handing it off to the replacement for the person who futzed it up in the first place, or just relaunch a virtual OS from a server to keep from having to manage the OS at every desktop.

Mary Jo Foley actually apologized for waffling about the features she was talking about, because Microsoft developers have still not hit the milestone after which Windows 8 will ship out to anything but a tiny slice of OEMs.

Until then – one or two rounds of large-audience-testing before the Community Test Preview or beta test round – specific features might be under furious development but may not make the final cut.

Until then, even the most-renowned provider of anti-competitive pre-release information on formerly monopolistic operating systems isn't saying much about its next generation.

" Microsoft officials still are not talking about Windows 8, and — believe it or not — still not confirming officially that the next version of Windows will be 'Windows 8,'" Foley said.

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