9 ways Microsoft is winning!...and losing!

Microsoft has Tiger Blood.

By Ian Paul, PC World |  Windows, Bing, ie9

Microsoft has been riding a tide of good vibes in recent months, thanks to a host of new popular and critically acclaimed products.

Internet Explorer 9 is being hailed for its speed and adherence to HTML 5 standards. Windows Phone 7 may not be popular right now, but many critics like it. Microsoft also has a deal with Nokia to put Windows Phone 7 on the Finnish phone maker's devices--potentially a big win for Windows Phone 7. Kinect in March was named the fastest-selling consumer electronics device of all time. And within Windows 7's first 18 months, Microsoft sold almost twice as many licenses as it did for Windows Vista.

How did Microsoft achieve this feat after stinkers such as Windows Vista, Live Search, and IE7? It's easy. Microsoft appears to have one speed--"go." It's a software company addicted to winning, even as it fails. After all, it wouldn't be Microsoft unless it was losing in some way.

Let's take a look.

Winning: Internet Explorer 9

Despite years of declining market share and complaints about the reliability and speed of Internet Explorer, Microsoft has been winning with its latest browser revision, IE9. IE9 is quick, has a small memory footprint, and has embraced HTML standards to a greater degree than previous versions. Microsoft also added interesting touches, such as saving Web app launch icons in the taskbar and dynamic jumplists that let you navigate directly to specific pages within a site.

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Winning: Windows Phone 7

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