New Windows 8 logo is pure genius

The new Windows 8 logo has sparked debate and criticism, but the most important thing is that it is getting attention

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Microsoft unveiled a new look for the Windows logo for Windows 8. There seems to be a dramatic rise in branding and style experts online, and some significant backlash around the Internet, but all of that misses the point of why the new Windows 8 logo is a brilliant move.

First, let's catch you up in case you've been living a Luddite existence camping in the Appalachians the last few days. Microsoft revealed that the logo for Windows 8 rejects the established evolution of a multi-color flag waving briskly in the digital wind, and instead opts for a simple rectangle of blue divided vertically and horizontally by white lines. It looks like...well, it looks like a window. Go figure.

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No Such Thing as Bad Publicity

Why is the new Windows 8 logo genius? Well, you're reading this article, that's why. There is an anecdote that a Ronald Reagan campaign strategist was once asked if he was concerned about negative ads being run by the former President's opponent. His response was that there is no such thing as bad publicity.

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