Consumers unaware of Windows 8, unimpressed with Surface RT

Two out of three who do know about Windows 8 won't be buying, says AP poll

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Microsoft's first-ever tablet, the Surface RT, also appears to be a hard sell for the Redmond, Wash. giant: 69% of the consumers surveyed had little or no interest in buying a Surface.

The Surface RT is Microsoft's attempt to showcase Windows RT, a spin-off of Windows 8 that forgoes the millions of existing Windows programs.

Microsoft kicked off Surface RT sales last week at prices starting at $499, and will follow the innovative tablet-with-a-keyboard design in late January 2013 with a model running Windows 8 itself.

"Given that this is a new product category, [the poll results] make perfect sense to me," said Moorhead. "What will be more telling are [the results] after a month of barrages of Microsoft advertisements and point-of-sale stands. It has no place to go but up, right?"

Windows 8 Pro upgrades launched last Friday, with the $39.99 representing the steepest-ever discount for an update. The company's computer-making partners also started selling their wares on Oct. 26.

Microsoft did not immediately reply to a request for comment on the AP poll.

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