Microsoft quashes critical bugs in IE10, Windows 8, Word

Drive-by attacks possible against IE9, IE10, as well as Word 2007 and Word 2010

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Microsoft Tuesday patched a dozen vulnerabilities in Internet Explorer (IE), Windows, Word and Exchange, fixing flaws in the new IE10 for the first time and crushing bugs in Windows 8 and Windows RT for the second month running.

Five of Tuesday's seven security updates were marked "critical," Microsoft's most-severe ranking, while the remaining two were labeled "important." Of the 12 vulnerabilities, nine were critical.

Most security experts focused on two of the seven bulletins, Microsoft's term for a product security update: MS12-077, which patches three bugs in IE9 and IE10; and MS12-079, a one-bug update for Word 2003, 2007 and 2010.

MS12-077 was at the top of the list for both Andrew Storms, director of security operations at nCircle Security, and Jason Miller, VMware's manager of research and development. Both cited the importance of browser bugs because of the massive amount of time users spend in those applications as well as the frequent exploitation of browsers by attackers.

"For Microsoft, this is a pretty typical [patch] day," said Storms. "So IE should be first."

"Whenever there's an IE update, unless it has maybe just one vulnerability, it is pretty much at the top of any list," echoed Miller.

This was the second consecutive month that Microsoft patched IE. Last July, Microsoft announced it was ditching the years-long practice of updating IE on alternate months, saying it now had sufficient resources to tackle browser bugs in any month. The company patched IE in June, July and August to demonstrate its new capabilities before pausing.

Today's IE update patches three bugs in IE9 and one in IE10. It also addressed the underlying issues in older editions -- IE6, IE7 and IE8 -- but did not classify them as actual vulnerabilities, probably because while they contained flawed code, exploits written for the newer versions would not execute on their ancestors.

Microsoft calls such fixes "defense-in-depth" updates.

MS12-077 was the first Microsoft bulletin to address a bug in IE10, which debuted Oct. 26 alongside Windows 8 and Windows RT, the tablet-leaning spin-off. In its advisory, Microsoft also said it was patching the preview of IE10 on Windows 7. The sneak peek debuted four weeks ago.

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