If you have not upgraded to iOS 7.1, don't rush

Severe battery issues are plaguing users left and right.

Apple's new iOS 7.1 for iPad and iPhone is a wonderful upgrade in many ways, roughing out a lot of sharp edges and bringing a lot of badly needed improvements. But it also has a major problem related to battery life that you should keep in mind.

The first report I saw appeared in, of all places, the London Daily Mail and has since blown up on Mac boards, like MacRumors.

Users noticed a significant drain since upgrading from 7.0.x, with one saying he was losing 1% every two minutes. I personally noticed something was wrong as well, when two hours out of the house and away from the charger resulted in a 30% battery drain. That wasn't right. But then there are folks on MacRumors saying they have had no problems at all.

A number of fixes and suggestions are making the rounds, most of which are logical – close out background apps, turn off features you aren't using, etc. One MacRumors user said he fixed the problem by removing iCloud and then restoring it.

Generally, the suggestions come down to two resets: the soft reset, going into Settings -> General -> Reset and selecting Reset All Settings. If that fails, then try Erase All Content and Settings and reinstalling iOS 7.1 via iTunes.

Note the solutions don't include a rollback to 7.0.6. This is rather frustrating. iOS 7.1 has been downloaded by 26 percent of Apple devices since its release, according to the analytics firm Mixpanel. The rest of you should hold on, because there's little doubt you were see a 7.1.1 release fixing this problem in no time.

If you already have downloaded it, there's a hidden gem Apple didn't publicize much: It's using head gestures to manipulate the phone. Open Settings and go to General > Accessibility > Switch Control.

Tap Switches to add a new switch. Use a source of Camera, then Left Head Movement and a System setting of Siri. This programs the phone to watch you and when you shake your head to the left, it will bring up Siri.

Now tap back and tap Switch Control to On. You should see some blue rectangles scanning each item on the screen. Shake your head to the left. Siri should come up. Tap Switch Control to turn it back off. I imagine there’s a bit of a battery suck if you leave it on all the time. I’m interested in your experiences with this.

Tip of the hat to Business Insider for first noticing this.

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