How to view and turn off your Google location history

Google keeps tabs on where you've been, but you can manage it

It's unnerving to head to Google's location history page and see a map tracking your every movement. Although the location tracking can have a useful purpose (e.g., to map your outdoor walks for exercise or, I suppose, remind you of where you've been recently), if you don't have a need for this location tracking or reporting, you can turn it off.

Google's support page shows you how to delete your location history or turn it on or off. On the not-so-well-known Google Maps page, you can map out your location data and search by date.

To be honest, I'm not really concerned about location reporting -- I use Google Now and Google Maps' location data a lot -- but I'm not sure how many benefits there are to having Google save my location history.

In any case, thankfully you can delete this data or turn it off, if you're so inclined.

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