Office 365 is now an awesome deal, even if you don't use Office 365

The monthly fee is worth it alone for the 1TB of online storage

Whether you need to use Microsoft Office or not, this is a really sweet, hard-to-beat deal on both an office suite and massive online storage space.

Microsoft recently increased the free storage space for OneDrive users to 15 GB (up from 7 GB), matching Google's free storage, which include Gmail and Google Drive shared space. You can use that 15 GB of storage to back up or sync your photos, videos, and other types of files (and Microsoft Office documents don't count towards your quota).

Even better, though, is the paid version, which is unusual. If you subscribe to Office 365 Personal ($6.99/month for individuals), Home ($9.99/month for up to 5 users), or University ($79.99/4 years), your OneDrive storage space will be upped to 1 TB. Microsoft is also dropping monthly per GB storage plans as well.

OneDrive 1 TB plus Microsoft Office 365

At $6.99/month for the individual Office 365 version, that's still $3 cheaper than the nearest major competitor, Google. Google's 1 TB $9.99 plan made waves for its low cost, but OneDrive is even cheaper and it includes the full office suite.

Bottom line: If you're in the market for 1 TB of online storage/backup, this is the best deal so far. Or, if you were hesitant about subscribing to Office 365, this may sweeten the pot.

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