How to unsend or schedule emails in Gmail

Avoid those "oops" moments and stop an email from being sent at the wrong time

Ever regret sending an email because you forgot to add the attachment or just hit the "Send" button too soon? Gmail has a fix for that, so you can undo the message delivery and pretend it never happened.

The feature is a "crazy experimental" lab, so you'll have to turn it on in your Gmail settings. Click on the gear icon to get to settings then go to the "Labs" tab. There, in addition to several other labs, you'll find "Undo send." Once you enable that, you'll have about ten seconds after sending an email to change your mind.

This Gmail lab has actually been around for a while (I had it turned on quite a long time ago), but it's been circling the interwebs lately. So if you haven't seen this lab yet, it's one of the most worthwhile to enable.

What about scheduling your emails? There's no lab for that, but there are several free extensions that let you schedule your emails to be delivered in the future. 

Right Inbox, for example, is one of them. The Chrome and Firefox extension adds a "Send Later" button to Gmail, and also can be used to remind you of messages (for example, if you don't hear back from anyone about your very important email). It's free for up to 10 emails scheduled a month, as well as 10 email reminders a month.

Boomerang is another popular and similar service, which works on Chrome, Firefox, and Safari. It too is limited to 10 free emails a month. Boomerang and Right Inbox are very similar, so just pick either and see if it works for you.

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